The Recovery Summit: How to Build Back Better

September 24, 2020

In Brief

  • The Deck is stacked
    • Inequality has been growing for years and the current crisis is exacerbating underlying symptoms.
  • Raise our eyes
    • We must look beyond our immediate environments to understand broader issues and how we are all interconnected.
  • Bail out Wall Street or Main Street?
    • This is the opportunity to build back better to create a system that works for all.
  • Recovery must be people focused
    • People must see themselves in change in order for it to be meaningful and lasting and in order to begin to repair the democratic crisis.
  • Focus should be on women, minorities, youth and marginalized populations
    • Decades of efforts to build equality need to be protected in order to ensure both human rights as well as economic productivity are maintained.
  • Build back better, greener
    • There is a great deal of political capital and public will for historic public investments which must be targeted toward decarbonizing economies.
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