Photo of Dawn Nakagawa

Dawn Nakagawa

Executive VP of the Berggruen Institute and Co-Director of the Future of Democracy program

Dawn Nakagawa is the Executive Vice President of the Berggruen Institute, which was launched in 2010 with Dawn as its first employee. In this position, she develops strategy, develops and launches projects, oversees management of finances and operations and builds the team. The mission of the organization is to deepen our understanding of the great transformations of our time and develop social and political institutions adapted to them. The key projects of the institute include the Future of Democracy, Transformations of the Human, Globalization and the New Multilateralism, and Economic Transformations. Special initiatives include the Berggruen Prize and Noema Magazine.

Dawn is co-director of the Future of Democracy program area and oversees special projects such as the Renovating Democracy for the Digital Society project, which she launched in 2016 with Matt Browne, the founder of Global Progress. The project works with policy makers and academics to understand the impact of changes in communications technology on democratic institutions and how to adapt.