Photo of Mary F. (Molly) Scudder

Mary F. (Molly) Scudder

Assistant Professor of Political Science, specializing in Political Theory at Purdue University.

Mary F. (Molly) Scudder is an assistant professor of political science, specializing in political theory at Purdue University. She is the author of Beyond Empathy and Inclusion: The Challenge of Listening in Democratic Deliberation (Oxford University Press, September 2020) which examines how to achieve democratic rule in large pluralistic societies where citizens are deeply divided. She argues that listening is key. The book offers a systematic theory of listening acts to explain the democratic force of listening. Modeled after speech act theory, Scudder’s listening act theory shows how we do something in listening, independent of the outcomes of listening. In listening to our fellow citizens, we recognize their moral equality of voice. Scudder holds a PhD from the University of Virginia. She is an associate of the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance at the University of Canberra, Australia.